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Our Services

 Introducing your car's new concierge...

As a member of CarVault Main Line, you can count on our skilled team to manage the scheduling and organization of your vehicle’s secure storage, valet parking, and ongoing maintenance needs.


Whether it's taking delivery of a new acquisition, coordinating transportation or meticulous detailing, we leverage our trusted relationships with top-tier specialists to guarantee exceptional service.


Membership in our social club is free for anyone storing with CarVault, and includes access to the stocked Members’ Lounge, shared office space, private events, as well as discounted rates with our partners, including our inhouse CarSpa detail center, Hagerty, PPF installers, and more.


Car Storage Membership

  • Access to Members Lounge with self-service bar and Internet-enabled TV

  • Includes battery tender maintenance 

  • Special Member social events

  • Discounts for multiple vehicles

  • Access to shared office space and conference rooms

  • Discounts from our local and national partners

Car Storage Rates

  • Starting at $200 per month

  • ​*Please inquire about discounts for multiple cars, trucks, and/or trailers


Auto Detailing

CarSpa Main Line’s expertise in detailing vintage, classic, and exotic cars is conducted with a meticulous and specialized approach. The CarSpa team utilizes a comprehensive process that takes into account the unique characteristics and requirements of each vehicle type, paint, age, and prior condition, ensuring a tailored and high-quality detailing experience. From the careful restoration of vintage cars to the preservation of classic aesthetics and the enhancement of exotic car finishes, CarSpa Main Line's detailing services showcase a deep understanding of automotive craftsmanship.


Buy. Sell. Consign. Transport.

Through our partnerships, we support our clientele with their buying and selling of automobiles, covering a spectrum from classic vehicles to the latest unique cars crafted by the world's most exclusive manufacturers.  We welcome the opportunity to extend an offer for the purchase of your car or discuss consignment options to facilitate its sale through our services.


A La Carte

  • Professional detailing Services from our in-house CarSpa Detailing

  • Local Transport

  • Private Office space from 250 sf to 750 sf for rent

  • Storage lockers of various sizes for tires and other car parts

  • Vehicle acquisition and disposition services

  • Collection management such as maintenance services and vehicle transport

  • Private space rental


 Please inquire.

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