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Private Car Storage and Member's Social Club for Car Enthusiasts


  The Grass Is Greener On The Inside.

CarVault Main Line is a private storage and social club for car enthusiasts conveniently located in the heart of Philadelphia's western suburbs between Route 30 and Route 76, with a convenient exit off of Route 202 N. We combine secure, climate-controlled vehicle storage, along with exclusive membership amenities such as detailing, car care coordination, transport, private events and more.

What you should expect

  • 24-hour secure vehicle drop-off and pick-up 

  • Complimentary car washes by our CarSpa team

  • Discounted auto detailing services at CarSpa

  • Concierge vehicle maintenance services arranged with our partners

  • Access to member lounge daily 6 am to 10 pm

  • Invitations to exclusive CarVault Main Line events


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Customers at CarVault Main Line can count on our skilled team to manage the scheduling and organization of their vehicle maintenance needs. Whether it's taking delivery of a new acquisition, coordinating transportation or meticulous detailing, we leverage our trusted connections with top-tier specialists to guarantee exceptional outcomes.


Membership is free for anyone storing with CarVault Main Line, and includes access to the members lounge, shared office space, private events and discounted rates with our partners including our CarSpa Main Line detail center, TransPro, Hagerty, paint protection experts, specialty car mechanics, and more. 

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Events & News

Member & Special Guest Event


About CarVault Main Line

CarVault Main Line's motivation revolves around catering to the unique desires of car enthusiasts in a region with a rich car culture. By combining top-tier security, concierge services, and a member social club, the team aims to provide a comprehensive and tailored experience that goes beyond conventional car storage, meeting the diverse needs of its discerning members.
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Introducing concierge care for your car...

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